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14 September 2020From Venice to Sheffield: A Passion for art, craft and Social Justice
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11 January 2021The Art and Craft of Decorative Tiles
08 February 2021Artists and Hill Towns of Le Marche in Italy
08 March 2021Vaux le Visconte: The story of Versailles
12 April 2021The Art of Stained Glass
10 May 2021A Skilled and Courageous Shot: Montenegro's photographer princess
14 June 2021She died too soon: A Study of Joan Eardley

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From Venice to Sheffield: A Passion for art, craft and Social Justice Simon Seligman Monday 14 September 2020

Inspired by the bicentenary of the birth of John Ruskin (1819 – 1900) in 2019, this lecture celebrates the extraordinary life and work of this visionary Victorian. As writer, teacher, artist, collector, patron and critic, Ruskin was perhaps the most complete polymath of the 19th century. He left behind a dazzling range of writing and collections that continue to inspire and generate debate around the world. Perhaps most famous today as a champion of Turner and admirer of Venice, Ruskin’s impact ranged far and wide; his ideas inspired the Arts and Crafts Movement and the founding of the National Trust,